What you need to know before trying DIY teeth whitening

What you need to know before trying DIY teeth whitening

For people who are concerned with their looks, sparkling white teeth are often top of the list.

Recently,  recipes for teeth whitening preparations have popped up online that people can do at home.

They use combinations of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, bicarb soda and apple cider vinegar.

So, should you take on teeth whitening as a DIY project?

We turned to Perth dentist Dr Justina Teo for an expert take.

Is DIY teeth whitening safe?

Many of us are wanting to save money on beauty procedures due to cost of living. But Dr Teo has some warnings.

“Hydrogen peroxide is one of the main active ingredients for a lot of teeth whitening products,” she says.

“However these recipes don’t tell us what the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide should be, they’re just saying use one teaspoon or one tablespoon.

“That sounds a little bit arbitrary to me.”

What you need to know before trying DIY teeth whitening
Teeth whitening can be a costly treatment and usually has to be repeated.()

The consequences of getting the wrong concentration can be serious — even leading to burned gums.

“Sometimes, if the peroxide goes on the gums, it actually turns the gums white,” Dr Teo says.

“That’s why it’s always really important to be doing these procedures correctly, to avoid adverse effects or anything that would really damage the tissues that are not necessarily meant to be whitened.

“I’m a little scared about how much hydrogen peroxide people might actually be putting in [these preparations].

“A lot of the time these things could potentially be ingested as well.”

Check the state of your mouth first 

Before embarking on teeth whitening, it’s important to know the state of your oral health.

If you’ve had issues with your teeth, it can affect the success of whitening treatments and make them more painful, Dr Teo says.

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