Tyler Animal Clinic shines light on impact of dental health on pets’ life span

Tyler Animal Clinic shines light on impact of dental health on pets’ life span

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – How long has it been since you last checked your pet’s teeth? The American Veterinary Medical Association says about 70-to-80 percent of pets will have a dental disease by the time they’re three. This is the number one health issue that pet owners don’t give enough attention to, if left untreated it can have major consequences and can even shorten pets’ lives.

“Just because a tooth is there doesn’t mean it’s good, or they can use it,” said Dr. Seth Shirey the owner and veterinarian at Rose City Animal Clinic in Tyler.

He says the dental health of cats and dogs is often ignored.

“Dental disease is frustrating how slow it comes on and once again people get used to it, the color of teeth, staining the plaque,” said Dr. Shirey

Leaving it untreated can cause a lot of health complications in pets.

“Dogs develop heart murmurs, bacterial infection on their vowels, you see dogs with kidney failure because the kidney can no longer filter all those inflammatory cells and bacteria,” said Dr. Shirey.

“This mouth will shorten a pet’s life span by a noticeable amount of years… instead of making it to 15, 16th they’re passing away at 11 because they have kidney failure.”

Tyler Animal Clinic shines light on impact of dental health on pets’ life span
Picture at Rose City Animal Clinic that shows stage 4 of dental disease on a dog.(Source: KLTV staff)

The size of your pet plays a major role in how many times they need to get dental work every year.

“The smaller the breed, the worse their teeth, so like chihuahuas, Yorkists, Dachshunds those dogs I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to remove 20 teeth, from a dog’s mouth because it was just rotten.”

Theirs one thing Dr. Shirey says you can do to reduce the amount of dentals your pet may need.

“I’ll be honest it’s hard but brushing their teeth,” said Dr. Shirey.

He also says when brushing your pet’s teeth, you need to make sure the whole mouth is coated with enzymatic toothpaste.

“You’re adding years to their life down their life, 11 or 12 you are seeing 14, 15… you can truly add years into patients’ lives by doing these dental cleanings.” >

He also recommends feeding your pet dry food instead of wet that’s because the kibble acts like a toothbrush, wiping away any plaque from their teeth. If you want to know if your pet’s teeth are in good shape… a visit to a vet is the best way to stay on top of dental health.

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