‘Simple but fundamental’ tactic is the ‘best’ way to lose weight

‘Simple but fundamental’ tactic is the ‘best’ way to lose weight

There are lots of diet plans available promising fast weight loss results.

However, the “best” method for slimming may not involve a diet plan at all, an expert claimed.

Health adviser for MyBMI Ian Budd shared calorie tracking is the “best” way to slim and it should be paired with eating healthy foods.

He told GB News: “If you’re looking to slim down, the best advice we can give is simply to eat fewer calories and exercise more.

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Eating healthy foods while tracking calories is the “best” way to lose weight


“This may seem simple, but making these fundamental changes to your diet and exercise habits is the best way to ensure that you lose weight consistently and keep it off when you hit your target weight.”

Filling up on nutrient-dense foods while tracking is great for the body and, as fruits and vegetables are generally low in calories, it is a great way to cut back.

Ian continued: “Eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes all of the major food groups can help to ensure that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs to function at its best.

“It also helps to reduce your daily calorie intake, which is essential for weight loss.”

The best way to slim down is to know your daily calorie maintenance and drop this by around “500 calories”.

The expert explained: “Eating at a calorie deficit, which is when you eat fewer calories than your body needs to maintain your current weight, can help you to make steady progress towards your weight loss goals.

“Eating around 500 calories less than you need to maintain every day for a week is typically enough to lose a pound or half a kilogram.

“This may not seem like much, but it’s sustainable for most people and these results add up over time. With that being said, we would not recommend eating too little a day, so we would typically advise eating around 1,400 calories a day for women who want to lose weight or 1,900 a day for men.”

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Apps can help slimmers to track calories


How many calories are needed for weight loss will vary based on genetics and activity levels and Britons can check with a doctor what is a healthy number of them.

There are tools available that can help with calorie tracking, such as apps.

Ian added: “Calorie tracker apps can help you work out how many calories you can eat every day to maintain a calorie deficit.

“They can also help you to be more mindful about what you eat every day and identify simple changes you can make to your diet on a daily basis.

“For example, those amongst us who are big snackers may not realise how many calories their snacks account for and could see that as an area for improvement.”

If unsure what to eat, research has shown the best foods to eat in the morning.

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