Rob Lapham Exposing Influencers, Committed to Curbing Misinformation From Health & Fitness Space

Rob Lapham Exposing Influencers, Committed to Curbing Misinformation From Health & Fitness Space

Rob Lapham is a premier CA-based personal trainer and health advocate debunking unhealthy fitness and diet trends, and helping his clients, fans, and followers reach desired goals naturally.

Rob Lapham Exposing Influencers, Committed to Curbing Misinformation From Health & Fitness Space

Food influencing is a long-running trend based on recommending foods, diet plans, and restaurants, as well as listing the benefits and drawbacks of particular meals or ingredients. In recent times, a counter-trend of fearmongering food emerged. Rob Lapham is a personal trainer and health advocate on a mission to curb misinformation and educating his followers. 

The concept behind food fearmongering is, according to Rob, based on the same principles as any ad-fueled campaign where profits are at stake. Influencers are paid to advertise certain products, and to make the target product more appealing, they lead followers to think alternatives either do not exist or are unnecessary, expensive, or downright unhealthy. 

Rob Lapham set out on a warpath against deceiving, fearmongering trends to minimize the damage they have and continue to cause. His weapon of choice is education of his followers via nutrition and supplementation guides, healthy cooking recipes, training courses, and years of experience as a fitness coach. 

As Rob noted, food fearmongering is directly contributing to the increase in food disorders. People who follow food influencers and their advice are being encouraged to purchase specific, often inordinately expensive, food products and avoid foods that are otherwise perfectly healthy.

In response to this, Rob Lapham and his friend Liam Layton launched a podcast called “In Moderation”, reminding people that almost every type of food can be healthy if consumed in ordinate amounts. 

“My podcast co-host Liam and I are dedicated to educating and holding food fearmongers accountable. Unnecessarily fearmongering food leads to disorder eating which kills many people each year. It also leads to people struggling with money being fearful of buying cheaper foods that are perfectly good,” Rob said. 

The first season of “In Moderation” is almost 20 episodes strong, exploring a broad array of nutrition, wellness, fitness, and bodybuilding topics with health being the focal point of the show. 

“The Misinformation Epidemic” is one of the latest episodes Rob and Liam aired, diving deep into the “viral vortex of bizarre fitness trends” that have been plaguing social media spaces in recent times. 

As licensed and verified experts in the fields of nutrition and all things exercise, Liam and Rob are pointing fingers at fads who disregard the safety and well-being of their followers for the sake of their own pockets. Bobby Parrish, more popularly known as Flavcity, was exposed for advertising products and breaching FTC social media rules by not declaring his financial interests. 

Rob points out that food influencers like Flavcity needlessly “demonize” affordable foods without methodical, science-backed explanations. They are pushing unhealthy trends and should be held accountable. 

He is also teaching his followers about what the chemicals in food are, explaining toxicity and what it is they do.

While waging war against food fearmongers, Rob Lapham relies on his years of experience as a fitness coach and background in nutrition to demystify the delusions they create. He published several e-books, with “The Complete Guide to Nutrition & Supplementation” as the crown of his written works. 

In these books, Rob explains that anyone can afford a healthy diet and achieve the desired body form and shape:

“The Complete Guide to Nutrition and Supplements separates fact from fiction, provides quick answers to the most common questions, and delivers information you can trust. We broke this down into simple and understandable information that you can easily consume and apply,” Rob said. 

Rob also released a comprehensive recipe book called “The Smarter Eating Handbook”, co-written with Chloe Paczy. In this e-book, Rob recommends simple variations of popular recipes, low-calorie toppings, pre-packaged snacks, and other simple foods anyone can access at any budget. 

Rob Lapham invites anyone who wishes to learn more about “normal” foods or reach the next stage in their fitness plan to contact and train with him. More information about Rob is available on his official website. Or follow him on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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