Pvolve Fitness to Launch New Studio Locations in Arizona

Pvolve Fitness to Launch New Studio Locations in Arizona

Pvolve Fitness to Launch New Studio Locations in Arizona

Pvolve, a leading fitness brand known for its holistic and unique workouts, plans to launch six new studios across Arizona, including three in Phoenix, two in Scottsdale and one in Chandler, over the coming year

Founded in 2017 by Rachel Katzman, Pvolve is a fitness company that prioritizes a science-led workout method, marrying functional movement with patented resistance equipment.

Supported by a Clinical Advisory Board of doctors and credentialed trainers, Pvolve offers an effective workout solution that aims to sculpt, strengthen and enhance the body’s mobility and flexibility. With its hybrid fitness model, members can access over 1,300 on-demand classes, a live virtual studio and targeted series through its web and mobile app platforms. 

The brand’s success and unique approach have attracted notable partnerships, including actress Jennifer Aniston, who credits Pvolve for her physical transformation. 

Pvolve’s growth reflects a shift in fitness culture as its method has quickly gained popularity for challenging the traditional belief that high-intensity, punishing workouts are the only way to achieve fitness goals. Instead, the company’s innovative approach to fitness combines low-impact exercises with proprietary equipment, like its unique bands and mats, for a workout that emphasizes sustainability and effectiveness. According to Pvolve’s Healthy Aging study, these exercise methods are more beneficial than traditional moderate cardio and strength training. Compared to traditional exercise regimens, Pvolve’s methods can be more effective for improving strength, flexibility, energy and quality of life, particularly for women over 40. 

“What drew me to the method was its ability to push me to my limits without leaving me feeling completely drained. It’s something truly different,” says Jeanine Yonushonis, co-owner of Pvolve Phoenix, “I’ve always been passionate about group fitness classes, so when I discovered Pvolve’s functional fitness approach, I knew it would strike a chord with our local community.” 

Pvolve stands out in the evolving fitness industry for its dedication to holistic health experiences. This focus on longevity and full body care makes it a fitting addition to the healthy communities of Phoenix, Chandler and Scottsdale. 

“Pvolve isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a genuine investment in health and well-being, promoting longevity and enhancing both physical health and as well as one’s physique.” shared Whitney Goodwin, co-owner of Pvolve Phoenix.

For those interested in Pvolve’s innovative fitness method or franchise opportunities, visit www.pvolve.com.

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