PEX Health and Fitness Empowers Trainers to Thrive as Business Owners

PEX Health and Fitness Empowers Trainers to Thrive as Business Owners

BOSTON, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A new approach to profession in the fitness industry, PEX supports personal trainers to boost income and achieve career advancement. Providing high-end facilities as a space for trainers to earn ownership-level rewards for their hard work leads to industry-high revenue potential, while allowing them to focus on what they do best– shaping healthier futures.

The business was founded in 2019 by Michael Campanella after his decade-long experience as a personal trainer exposed unfair pay structures and boundaries that most gyms place on growth potential. Five years later Mike proudly states, “PEX’s top-earning coaches each saw between $200,000 to $250,000 revenue last year, three of which have become equity partners.”

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Running a Personal Training Business at PEX: The Specifics

PEX trainers are a very particular type of professional: they are self-disciplined with an entrepreneurial mindset, passionate for providing exceptional services to every one of their clients. Each trainer owns their own business and brand, valuing freedom and autonomy while also contributing to the cooperative success of all other PEX coaches.

PEX Medfield manager, equity partner and owner of Conquer Health and Fitness, Marjus Tahiraj says his time at PEX has far exceeded his experience with employment at “big-box” gyms. Marjus explains, “I was so used to being overworked and undervalued. Since making this career shift, I have doubled my income and I finally have schedule flexibility allowing me to be a better father and husband.” He went on to describe, “the opportunity to become an equity partner here while also contributing to the growth of fellow trainers is fulfilling.”

What to Expect When Walking into a PEX Facility

The first thing that stands out upon entering any of PEX’s locations is the impeccable cleanliness. Each facility is designed with an elite aesthetic, stacked with top-of-the-line equipment that is clearly well maintained. The cleanliness lends to the experience for clients who work out there, and is a representation of the standard of service that each PEX coach provides.

Client of Alex Badlissi, Mike Russell raves, “I always have a smile on my face walking through that door! Everything about the place is first class; the equipment, the cleanliness, the trainers– the whole vibe of PEX is unlike any other gym I’ve ever trained at.” Alex owns and operates his training business, Forged Fitness and Boxing out of PEX’s Needham Center location.

“As a business owner I take pride in providing the best quality service,” Alex explains. “All aspects of the PEX model lend to my success as a professional in this industry. I have reached elevated levels of income, success and have been able to provide my clients with the service and attention they really deserve.”

Management at PEX says they work tirelessly to ensure they are empowering trainers for success as business owners, approaching their relationships with each trainer in “fairness and transparency,” says General Manager Bianca Cira, “offering everything from individual business development and management support to coaching for strategies in all aspects of business.”

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