Basis taps TruStage to offer BNPL solutions for dental care

Basis taps TruStage to offer BNPL solutions for dental care

US-based dental care financing provider Basis has partnered with insurtech company TruStage to integrate insurance coverage with BNPL solutions for dental patients.


Basis taps TruStage to offer BNPL solutions for dental care

At Basis, their mission is to make dental care affordable and stress-free for patients. Partnering with TruStage allows them to enhance their financing options by adding a layer of insurance protection that ensures patients can access the care they need without financial worry. This will be achieved by combining insurance coverage with innovative Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions.

TruStage’s products can help provide peace of mind and have been designed with the consumer’s needs at heart. This partnership will allow Basis patients to enjoy insurance coverage, through Guard Insurance, that complements their flexible payment plans, providing an extra safety net for their dental care journey.

Key benefits for Basis patients include:

  • Enhanced protection: Coverage that works seamlessly with Basis payment plans;

  • Hassle-free benefit payments: Benefit payments are applied directly to the borrower’s outstanding loan balance;

  • Peace of mind: Helping to secure financial wellbeing against unexpected circumstances that could impact dental health;

  • Simplicity and convenience: Payment Guard is straightforward, hassle-free and is included as a part of Basis’s payment plans at no cost to the borrower.


Making the payment experience stress-free

Patients who choose a BNPL plan for their dental treatment are automatically covered by Payment Guard at no cost to them, gaining immediate coverage from the start of their treatment. Payment Guard insurance will pay a benefit to help reduce the patient’s outstanding loan balance in the case of covered job loss or disability. This coverage helps patients focus on getting back on their feet in case of an unexpected loss in income.

Officials from TruStage said that through this partnership with Basis, they are happy to extend their reach into the dental care sector, providing essential coverage that enhances patients’ financial security and wellbeing. Their insurance solutions are designed to be easy to understand and use, ensuring patients can focus on what matters.

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