6 Fitness Companies In Chicago On The Cutting Edge

6 Fitness Companies In Chicago On The Cutting Edge

These days, it’s hard to imagine exercising without wearables, streaming classes and apps for measuring your progress. But Chicago’s health and wellness technology sector’s offerings are much broader than you might think. Here are some companies doing big things for your health with technology.

Top Chicago Health and Fitness Companies

  • Grand Studio
  • SRAM
  • Higi
  • Cubii
  • PatientPoint
  • Life Fitness


Grand Studio is a product design company that provides services to businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare. For example, Grand Studio’s experts have collaborated with clients on producing wearable medical devices. One project involved work on a device that would alert medical staff to respond to a patient in distress or who needed to be more active. Grand Studio also participated in creating a blood pressure monitoring patch that could be used to help manage preeclampsia in pregnant patients.


SRAM manufactures bicycle components. The company created a free digital tool called AXS Web that lets cyclists access data about bike performance. It can connect to data-enabled devices like tire pressure sensors to provide insights that help users understand how to make bike adjustments that will potentially improve their ride.


PatientPoint delivers point-of-service education to improve doctor-patient relationships. The company aims to give healthcare providers the tools they need to empower patients to make informed decisions about their care. Through their educational content, PatientPoint works to improve health outcomes for patients whether they are receiving care in an office or virtually.


Life Fitness creates exercise and lifestyle equipment that allow people to live healthier, more inspired lives. The company’s range of products includes free weights, exercise bikes, treadmills, and additional cardio and strength training equipment, with products available for home and gym use.


In terms of health and wellness, technology is doing more than just building apps to connect people with trainers. Take Chicago-based higi, a developer of smart, connected kiosks called higi stations that allow users to track and improve their health. Using data on basic vitals, physical activity levels and nutrition, higi encourages and enlightens users on their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.


“Work out while you work.” That’s the tagline for Chicago’s Cubii, a smart, under-your-desk elliptical that lets users do exactly that. The device connects to a smartphone app, which helps users track progress as they go. It’s small enough to fit under a desk, and quiet enough not to annoy your co-workers.


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